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Yicheong power generator can be used to supply power to communication stations, while adhering to all the relevant access standards. Units have the ability to self-start, switchover power,self-shut down,and even come with an alarm system and self-protection system.

Technical Requirements:
1. Auto start,Auto stop and Auto protection
After receiving the start directive from AMF, the machine will start up automatically, with 99% success ratio. A start circle containers three start attempts. The interval between two start attempts is 10 to 15 seconds. After successful start up, when the oil pressure reaches set value, the machine will load automatically. The load time is usually 10 seconds.

2. Remote Control and Paralleling operation
The machine provides remote control system, monitoring the real time operation parameters and state. When abnormality or serious faults occur, the machine will give alarms. Standard communication protocols can be provided. It can be realized through ATS auto switch between the main and generator or between two generators . Also, two or more same model generators can be paralleled to ensure bigger capability. The stable state speed regulation ratio is between 2% and 5%. The stable state voltage regulation is within 5%.

3. Working condition
24 hours consecutive stable power output at rated power (10% overload for 1 hour permissible each 12 hours), in the following conditions.
Altitude height: 3000 meters and below.
Temperature: lower limit -15C, up limit 50C
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