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Power Plants

Power Plant

Yicheong Provides continuous running generators as Power Plant for Customer using for outdoor project, Industrial Factory, Town, Suburban, Mining and so on.

Power Plants Technical Requirements:
Conditions: Altitude: 4000m Temperature: C20 +50
  Running: 40008000 hours per year
Voltage: 400V, 480V, 6300V, 6600V, 10500V, 11000V, 13200V, 13800V
Frequency: 50hz, 60hz
Speed: 500/514 rpm, 600rpm, 750rpm, 900rpm, 1000rpn, 1200rpm, 1500rpm, 1800rpm
Fuel type: HFO, Diesel, Gas, Dual Fuel
Range: 2MW---100MW

Our Advantage:

1. Whole set product and turkey solution, will be easy for operation and mainternance.
2. The power plant can run continuously for 24hours*30days*12months as standard undependent power supply source. If need the power generators service for loading average at least 10hours per day, AMF and ATS system is operation for automatic management equipment without operator. Also the generator can connect with National Grid by Synchronizing.
3. TOB (Overhaul time): long time for major maintenance & repairing, at least 30000-40000 hours; in order to ensure the power supply stably, reliably and continuously.
4. Starting powerful emotional load capability and rapid response to sudden load.
5. With communication port and terminator connected to the remote computer. Open communication protocol with unattended mode.
6. The installation of the water temperature too high, too low lubricant oil, speeding protection, differential, the flow, zero-sequence protection and the protection of voltage and current, Protection of emergency stop.


Power Plants

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