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Mining Area

Yicheong's products in the decentralized energy sector are the culmination of many years of experience in Power Generation applications.

Technical Requirements:

Mining has its own laws and other dimensions.

1. Working conditions
Altitude height 4000 meters and below.
Temperature lower limit -25C, upper limit 55C

2. Stable performance & high reliability
Average failure interval not less than 2000 hours
Voltage regulation range at 0% load between 95%-105% of rated voltage.
When the load is below 50% of rated load, no low frequency surges
1.5 times of rated current overload at rated voltage for 2 minutes is permissible.
The control system has remote control function, which can monitor, collect, process, record and report relevant data from at local or remote place.

Our Advantage:

1. We have the whole numerical control(NC) equipment ,such as bending machine ,plate shears. Just few generator factory have those equipment in China;
2. Our testing room can test the generator which power is from 8kw to 2000kw. Just few generator factory can test the capacity over 1000kw capacity
3. Our company have enough capital to run some big project,such as we are we building another big generator facotry by ourself in Hunan province
4. We have more than 30 engineers for electrical, mechnical, Generator room Design, Enviroment-Friendly and research

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