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Oil Field

Yicheong provides a complate set of power solutions for oil fields, supplying power for oil exploation, gas process, oil production facility construction, operation and maintenance. Usually, power generators are used as prime power source for daily life, engineering in oil fields.

The generators can run as undependent power supply or even standby power as Mains Electricity(National Grid) by ATS and synchronizing system.
Technical Requirements:
Conditions: Altitude:   3000m
  Running:   40008000 hours
Voltage: 400V, 480V, 6300V, 6600V, 10500V, 11000V, 13200V, 13800V
Frequency: 50hz, 60hz
Speed: 750rpm, 900rpm, 1000rpn, 1200rpm, 1500rpm, 1800rpm
Fuel type: Diesel (light), Gas (CNG, Biomass, Coke mine gas), Dual Fuel
Range: 1MW---50MW

Our Advantage:

1. Paralleling Running:More than 2 sets generators can be paralleled together ensure bigger capacity power. The state speed regulations raio is 2-5%, and state voltage regulation is 5%.
2. Working performance:Failure interval is more than 3000hours with big fuel tank automatically.
3. Automatic start/stop is consisting of DSE-7320 or AMF-25 or HGM6120 supporting ATS , assuring immediate power supply at the same time when mains electricity (National Grid) is off.
4. Connecting with other generators, will output the necessary power from generators, the Number of generators will start/stop according to the total loading changing by Auto Sheeding Management System.

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