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· 7sets 550KVA Cummins Diesel Generator for Tanzania Industrial Zon...  
· 72units 22KVA Perkins Super Silent Generator for Telecom Project ...  
· 3000KVA + 3300KVA Original MTU Diesel Generator for Ethiopia  
· 1000HP Cummins marine Engine for Chile  
· 1200HP Cummins marine System for Mexico  
· 2units 325KVA Cummins Gas generator for Argentina  
· 2units 980HP Marine Diesel Engine for Brasil  
· 550HP Marine Diesel Engine for India  
· 660KVA Standby Cummins for Thailand Hospital  
· 2units 60KVA + 1 unit 200KVA Cummins for Ghana  
· 4units 120HP Yuchai marine engine with Advance gearbox for East A...  
· 550KVA, 150KVA, 66KVA UK Perkins Super Silent type diesel generat...  
· 1000KVA Cummins diesel generator with standard accessories for Th...  
· 350HP, 700HP Cummins marine motor with gearbox for Mexico  
· 50KVA-250KVA Cummins Silent Generator for Ghana University  
· 30KVA-150KVA Perkins Generator for Algeria  
· 1200HP Cummins Marine Engine for Latin America  
· 100-225KVA Cummins Soundproof Generator for Canada  
· 27.5KVA, 100KVA and 400KVA Cummins for Thailand, Hospital project...  
· 2sets Marine Generator for Bangladesh 80KW/100KVA  
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