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Our Vision
We are an entrepreneurial company. We encourage innovation and leadership within a culture that places great emphasis on personal development. Our approach is to work together through:
·Accountability - Management at each operation is held accountable for running the business and delivering results.
·Open communications within a team approach - Openness and the sharing of information across functions and geographic boundaries are encouraged: the value of diverse ideas is recognised.
·Empowerment - Those closest to the point of action are encouraged to make decisions. Managers are responsible for building the skills of their teams. Individuals perform best when they self-manage and delegate effectively.
·Continuous improvement - Constant learning is supported by the Group-wide Knowledge Management Programme.

For Human Resources, the primary focus going forward is talent management. Developing the skills of its employees is an integral part of the ArcelorMittal vision to be the most admired steel institution in the world. Enabling employees at all levels to contribute to the best of their ability is the duty of any good employer. It also makes good business sense.
Like other international companies, we face huge competition to develop and attract talented people with multi-country experience. Finding managers with both business and international experience remains a key challenge.
The response of Yicheong has been to invest heavily in the fostering and development of internal talent through a multi-pronged Leadership Development Programme. This programme combines several tiers of internal and external training with a continuous review process designed to identify and develop a long-term pool of talent.

Leadership Development
In today's business environment, management and leadership development is essential, and it is often tough to achieve. All organisations need to ensure a succession of motivated employees capable of progressing up the organisational ladder. It is becoming increasingly important that organisations have a diverse and highly-skilled workforce to meet increasing business and organisational needs on a global basis.
Yicheong is implementing a range of talent management initiatives to address this. We strive to improve management and leadership capabilities from within and create opportunities for those employees who strive to reach their potential through professional and personal growth. This means providing inspiring and effective leadership, open, transparent communication and excellent learning and development opportunities.
We aim to nurture a culture which values, recognises and rewards excellent performance, where people's individual objectives are aligned to Yicheong's goals and to developing their own personal abilities. As part of the performance management process, managers are responsible for working with each member of their respective teams to agree Personal Development Plans, tailored to meet the individual's skill needs and aspirations.

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