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Marine Engine & Genset
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    ·Jichai (300-3000HP)
    ·MTU (1140-3000HP)
    ·Outboard motor (2.5-40HP)
    ·Marine Genset
Standard Generator Set
    ·Cummins (25-3300KVA)
    ·Perkins (10-2500KVA)
    ·MTU (700-3300KVA)
    ·Mitsubishi (7-2500KVA)
    ·Yuchai (20-3000KVA)
    ·Jichai (500-3000KVA)
Super Silent(Soundproof)
Containerized type
Trailer / Mobile type
H-Voltage Genset
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SDIEC Diesel Generator

165 series MTU Diesel Engine is made by German MTU 396 military Engine advanced technology and original production line. By improving design and technical update, 165 series MTU Diesel Engine is driving generator, vessel, power plant and Industrial factory. It has excellent quality, predominant performance & function, powerful driving and reliable running.

SDIEC Diesel Generator (50HZ)
Genset Model Prime Power Standby Power Engine Model Specification
Kw Kva Kw Kva
SC1000G 1000 1250 1100 1375 12V165TS3-3C
SC1200G 1200 1500 1320 1650 12V165TS3-3C
SC1300G 1300 1625 1430 1788 16V165TS3-3C
SC1500G 1500 1875 1650 2062 16V165TS3-3C
SC1600G 1600 2000 1760 2200 16V165TB3-3C
SC1800G 1800 2250 2000 2500 16V165TS3D-3C
SC2000G 2000 2500 2160 2700 16V165TB3D-3C
SDIEC Diesel Generator

SDIEC Diesel Generator

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